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If you are interested in knowing more here are some resources I think explain more about the Gestalt approach and have a general connection to Gestalt.


To get you familiar with some Gestalt thinking in particular that change happens when we experience or see things differently, here are some suggestions that are not therapy texts but introduce the concept.

A book which talks to overcoming challenges and the 'paradoxically theory of change' is Arnold Beisser's 'Flying without wings'. CLICK HERE

Alexandra Horowitz walks her dog the same path everyday. In this book she takes along several experts who point out to her things on her walk she has never noticed or has been intrigued by. The experts are geologists, typographer's, botanists and their interest lies in different things along the walk. This a lovely book which demonstrates the power of 'how we habitually see things' and what it's like to see things differently. For more info CLICK HERE

A book that introduces the Gestalt concept of awareness is Gestalt as a way of life: Awareness Practices by Sheldon and Anderson. A wee bit dated but it gives some idea of how Gestalt is a practice as well as a effective therapy. It's a sort of self help book too. CLICK HERE


The home of Gestalt in Edinburgh (EGI) provides info on training, workshops and a therapy directory for Scotland. For further info CLICK HERE

Although based in London there is some useful info at The Gestalt Centre's website. To look at this please CLICK HERE

You'll find further description of Gestalt Therapy and a guide 'How to find the right therapist' on the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) website CLICK HERE


There are numerous apps and internet related resources available. Many are pricey and it can be hard to choose. The following websites give good recommendations and offer some free resources.

To see the NHS's resources CLICK HERE

To see MIND'S resources CLICK HERE

To see Scottish Association for Mental Health info CLICK HERE


Based in London, the School of Life offer therapy and emotional intelligence related articles and Youtube cartoons. If interested please CLICK HERE

A good US website which relates to books, art, and other things nourishing is Brainpickings. It has some lovely suggestions of books and children's books on the theme of emotional wellbeing. For further info CLICK HERE

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